Friday, January 31, 2014

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - Giant Eagle Eyrie and Spiral Seal

North of Soaring Eagle Village, the giant eagles used by the Eagle Scouts have made their home high up on a mountain. There is a path up there which their human riders can use, but it is really steep and dangerous for those not used to it. Parts are rough stairs hewn into the mountain side or reinforced with wooden planks. Other parts are little more than ropes on which climbers have to stand or hold fast to. Much of it is comparable to the path up Mt. Hua Shan in China, and each aspiring Eagle Scout has to get up there and bond with one of the giant eagles.

There is a 2 in 6 chance that if the PCs attempt to climb it, an Eagle Scout will come down the other direction. He won't allow them to pass without a very convincing reason, and a single person is more than enough to block the path. The eagles will, of course, be able to watch the path from afar and will do their own to discourage visitors - attacking them if they get violent, which will get very dangerous for the PCs unless they can fly on their own.

In a side valley southwest of Ghost Crab Village there is a series of menhirs arranged in a spiral pattern. Magical examination will reveal that this location functions as a magical seal against some powerful spirit entity straining it. This entity was imprisoned by local shamans many generations ago. The seal will be very hard to damage with natural means, but sufficiently ingenious PCs might be able to manage it. If so, the spirit will escape without tarrying and likely become a recurring villain / tool of the Wendigo Cult. If the PCs are not so dumb, the Wendigo Cult will eventually attempt to free the entity themselves.

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