Sunday, January 5, 2014

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - The Stone Pillar and Drake Graveyard

The Inland Tribes have a custom of carrying "luck stones" which are supposed to absorb some of the bad luck of the wearers. These are then added to the numerous small, artificial stone pillars dotting the landscape, as adding them "earthes" the bad luck safely and confines it to the pillar. However, accidentally or deliberately toppling such a pillar of stones causes all the accumulated bad luck to transfer to the person who caused the collapse. The biggest stone pillar of them all, which has probably existed for more than a hundred years, stands in the plains north of the Coastal Mountains, and adding a stone to it is considered especially lucky... but no one wants to be the person causing its collapse, and it has begun to sway in strong winds as of late.

The rivers and the canyon lands are home to large numbers of drakes. Many of them die of violence, but those who feel old age approaching fly one last time to a remote valley in the northern forests where they land and wait for death. As a result, numerous drake skeletons are scattered across the valley, which might be worth a lot to the right collector.

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