Friday, January 17, 2014

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - Tribal Meet and Burning Hills

South of Stone Totem Valley where several rivers meet there is a place where the Mammoth Tribe (who live west of the river) and the (whooly) Rhinoceros tribe (who live east) meet regularly during the first full moon of spring, summer, and fall to conduct trade, share information, arrange marriages, and conduct diplomacy. Members of other tribes - including the Coastal Tribes - also visit frequently in small groups.

In the far northern hills there is a region where smoke emits from many holes in the surface. The reason for this is a massive underground coal deposit that has caught fire, similar to Centralia, Pennsylvania. Several minor spirits of fire are attracted to this area and live there to this day. Coal is not quite as important as in our world since it is not used for power generation, but if extinguished it would still be economically useful for certain applications like the production of steel. How to extinguish this deposit is left to the ingenuity of the PCs, but magic certainly opens up all sorts of new options.

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