Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - Draugr Island

The continent of Nardhome was discovered by explorers from the Norrfjell Wastes in the year 937. One of these explorers was one Lars Gunnarson, who sailed along the southern coast in order to explore the shorelines. Unfortunately, his ship ran aground at an island during a storm, and half of the crew was lost, including the captain. The others were shipwrecked and built a small burial mound for their leader, with the following inscription set in stone:
"Her ligger Lars Gunnarson, en modigere kaptein enn noen annen som har seilt de vestlige havene. Kan han finne hvile i haller av gudene."
(An English-Norwegian Google translation of: "Here lies Lars Gunnarson, a braver captain than any other who has sailed the Western oceans. May he find rest in the halls of the Gods.")

Then they attempted to reach the coast, but more died during the attempt and even more fell prey to the dangerous creatures who live in the region. A few were found by the Coastal Tribes and eventually married into them.

But the dead were not gone - they resented not being buried in their home in the Norrfjell Wastes in the Kjempenesfjord ("Giants' Fjord") and thus began to haunt the island they were on as draugr, rising in the night and shouting "Hjem! Jeg vil hjem!" ("Home! I want to go home!"). They will attack intruders, unless the intruders can convince them that they will indeed transport them back to Kjempenesfjord. The captain will be armed with a broadsword with the Accuracy +1 enchantment and a medium shield with the Deflect +1 enchantment. It is fairly easy to steal this during the day, but then he will stalk the fief during the night - even following them off the island. There are 12 other draugr on the island. None of them can be destroyed by chopping them to bits (as they will reform during the next night), but they can be destroyed by other means - the Final Rest spell will be effective if they are immobile, and burning will also be a possibility (though given their resistance to fire from being so water-logged, this may be difficult to do).

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