Thursday, January 2, 2014

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - The Crystal Mountain

A mountain close to the coast used to house one of the main defensive fortresses of the mothmen when they colonized the continent. Unfortunately, their enemies learned of the fortress' location deep inside the mountain, and used one of their most powerful weapons to destroy it and everyone inside of it. The hypergeometric shockwaves of the weapon hit the side of the mountain, causing parts of the rock to liquefy in geometric patterns and turn into a multitude of small crystals. The side of the mountain where the weapon struck is still largely denuded of vegetation even today, and careful examination will detect both the crystals and the fact that they emit a slight hum when struck with a hard object. Analysis by a competent thaumaturge will verify that these can be used as components for any sonic-based ritual magic or enchantments. While this is not necessarily the most popular field of magics, the sheer quantity of the crystals and the ease of their extraction will ensure that a mine at this location will be very profitable indeed.

Eventually, the miners will stumble across the hidden fortress. The mothmen and pretty much everything else inside were shredded by the weapon (though other monsters may have crept into the fortress from the local Underdark). However, careful examination of the ruins will discover a strange metallic cylinder 4 feet in length and one foot in diameter in what used to be the armory. Pressing the top and then twisting it will cause Aklo symbols to appear on it. These will turn out to be numbers, and the numbers will be lower the longer the cylinder was twisted. If the explorers do not twist and pull the top of the cylinder back, the numbers will count down to One and then release a swarm of self-replicating metallic insects which will devour any metal and anything organic within a radius of five miles. Extreme haste in evacuating the area is recommended.

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