Monday, February 3, 2014

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - Fey Gardens and Ravine of Whispers

North of Ghost Crab Village there is a small valley where numerous herbs, berries, and other useful plants can be located. At first glance, these seem to be wild growths, but anyone familiar with gardening and agriculture will realize that they have been carefully tended. These are the works of a group of five dryads who live here, but they will generally stay out of sight of intruders unless the intruders are known to them. Instead they will generally leave the defense of their realm to a small tribe of twigjacks who will mercilessly harass intruders in any way they can until they leave (and then some). A few shamans (from Ghost Crab Village and elsewhere) are allowed to come here to trade, and the twigjacks are too scared of them to bother them.

Northeast of the Trade Outpost one of the many rivulets flowing into the main river has formed a small ravine, rarely more than 2 yards wide and 3 yards deep. People approaching will hear a low murmuring that at first seems to come from the water, but upon closer approach seems to come from a multitude of human voices. These are ancestor spirits of the Coastal Tribe, and those who know the proper name of one of the ancestors and the correct rites can call on one of them to answer questions about the past or share secret knowledge. The various Hunting Lodges know how to call upon their mightiest warriors while shamans know how to call shamans of the past, but neither will be eager to share such knowledge with outsiders.

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