Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[Urbis] Monsters of the Cold Frontier, Part IV

Continued from Part III...

And now let's have a look at the final Pathfinder Bestiary published so far.
  • Almiraj: While its source is from Islamic poetry, it is obscure enough that it should fit into Nardhome without causing undue comment. Inland.
  • Alpluachra: This creature from Welsh mythology is also bizarre enough to make it into our list. Inland lakes.
  • Beheaded: Those might be a specialty of some local necromancers.
  • Bodythief: This creature might spring up after the PCs have established some farming villages.
  • Chaneque: Hated monster of the coastal tribes.
  • Dossenus: Underground. A swarm of these creatures emerging on the surface might qualify as a "natural disaster" for the colony.
  • Dragon, Outer: These might make a guest star appearance or two as the campaign progresses. It's likely that all the dragons in Urbis originally came from space, anyway...
  • Drake, Mist: Inland.
  • Drake, Spire: The northern canyon lands, especially in the old ruins.
  • Ectoplasmic Creature: Common in native ruins.
  • Festering Spirit: Might also show up in native ruins.
  • Freezing Flow: Desolation.
  • Fungal Creature: Perhaps these are the result of an old First City experiment - which means that an old research station might be filled by a small society of these beings. They are trapped - until the PCs accidentally release them.
  • Golem, Coral: Some shamans of the Coastal Tribes might be able to create them - and if not them, then maybe the marine creatures they interact with.
  • Hungry Flesh: Another First City experiment. I am beginning to suspect that they created outposts in Nardhome partially to have an out-of-the-way location to conduct bizarre biological experiments in.
  • Immortal Ichor: This seems to have potential, yet I am not sure how to fit it into the campaign. Perhaps the God Chamber is powered by it? Or perhaps it represents the remains of the last being which attempted to use the God Chamber - parts of it became the Wendigo, and the rest became... this.
  • Incutilis: Coastal.
  • Isitoq: Created by evil local shamans.
  • Kasatha: These beings might make an appearance late in the campaign as the off-planet connections become obvious.
  • Lunarma: Dormant cocoons of these beings might be found in the northern Desolation, to be stumbled across by careless explorers.
  • Lurking Ray: Underground.
  • Lycanthrope, Werebat: The Coastal Tribes have some specialized "skinwalkers", and bat-type skinwalkers might be found among them.
  • Lycanthrope, Wereshark: Likely exist among the Coastal Tribes, might appear in the Colony later on.
  • Manitou: One exists in the region which likely feels responsible for not stopping the Great Scourge.
  • Mindslaver Mold: Another First City experiment that got out of control.
  • Myrmecoleon: Alien from the planet Surtus. Desolation.
  • Owb: Might be manipulating events for its own purposes - but what are those?
  • Qallupilluk: Coastal. A creature from Inuit mythology!
  • Shadow Creature: Beings trapped when a First Age settlement was transported to the Plane of Shadows.
  • Shredskin: Might be created as a byproduct of evil native rituals. Anywhere.
  • Shriezyx: Guardians of prehuman ruins. Desolation.
  • Snallygaster: Inland forests and mountains.
  • Walrus: Common in the coastal areas. Might be an animal totem of the coastal tribes.
  • Weasel (Dire, Giant): Inland. Might be a totem to the inland tribes.
  • Weedwhip: Immigrant from Magrith. Rare, but exists in the Inland areas.
  • Xenopterid: Inland, Desolation. Likely from another planet.