Monday, December 30, 2013

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - The Valley of Fogs

In this remote part of the coastal mountains, the ground is shrouded with fog year round. Sometimes the fog thins out so that you can see the sun behind the clouds while at other times it thickens until you can no longer see your hand if you wave it before your face. Even in the winter the valley stays relatively warm and humid, thanks to the numerous geysers and hot springs dotting its sides.

This valley serves as a home and retreat for the sasquatch dwelling in the Cold Frontier. While their bands range far and wide, this is where they raise their young. In all likelihood they will quickly become aware of any intruders, but stay out of sight - though the explorers might hear their howls or wood knocks from time to time, or catch a whiff of their musky scent.

More problematic are the strange monsters prowling the valley, especially the phantom fungi. The sasquatch know enough about how to avoid them, but explorers will be stalked for hours until one of them gets separated from the rest. These invisible attackers should be especially terrifying when they suddenly strike out of the mists.