Sunday, December 29, 2013

Index of Urbis-related posts

This is an index of all post related to my Urbis setting. It will be updated as I write further posts. Note that the entries are listed in thematic order, and not necessarily in their chronological order.

Cities of Urbis

This series of posts attempts to flesh out the city-states of Urbis.

Building Bodenwald

Detailing the local analogue of Munich - as well as a major center of interplanetary exploration.
  • Part I - contemplating the geography, ancient history, and other basics.
  • Part II - building the Inner City.
  • Part III - where the citizens go to celebrate beer and where interplanetary explorers cool their heels.
  • Part IV - giant alien statues.
  • Part V - ghosts and murders.
  • Part VI - artists' colonies and goblin ghettos.
  • Part VII - tree temples and sunken castles.
  • Part VIII - eugenics research and religious orders.
  • Part IX - the secrets of nobles and haunted bogs.

The Cold Frontier

This started out as an intellectual exercise on how to build a hexcrawl sandbox exploration / nation building campaign in the style of the Kingmaker Adventure Path for Pathfinder, but it morphed into an actual campaign set on the remote northern continent of Nardhome. Cold Frontier posts have now received their own index, which can be found here.