Friday, November 22, 2013

[Urbis] Monsters of the Cold Frontier, Part III

Continued from Part II...

Let us now search the Pathfinder Bestiary 3 for creatures appropriate to the Cold Frontier campaign.
  • Adherer: Inland, Underground. Possible "survivors" of the Great Scourge that destroyed the inland ancestors of the coastal tribes.
  • Adlet: Highly appropriate, since these creatures are from Alaskan myth! Inland, and one of the major nonhuman cultures in the region.
  • Akhlut: Coastal, Inland. One lives in an area of "permanent storm" it has created.
  • Allip: Anywhere, but especially native ruins.
  • Animal Lord: One or two of these might live in the region.
  • Ascomid: Underground.
  • Bandersnatch: There are likely legends of this creature - and perhaps an old footprint set in stone - though none currently inhabits the region.
  • Cecaelia: Coastal. Linked to the "Octopus Totem". Likely trades with the coastal tribes where the Octopus is a prominent totem, and the PCs might be interested to learn where that particular village gets its trade goods.
  • Cerebric Fungus: Underground, Desolation. Immigrant from Calturus.
  • Cold Rider: Inland, Desolation. May be connected to the myths of the Inland Tribes.
  • Crab (Shark-Eating, Shipwrecker): Coastal.
  • Deathweb: Any. Possibly a remnant of the Great Scourge.
  • Dire Corby: Underground. Might control some surface regions as well.
  • Drake (Rift): Inland, especially in the northern canyon lands.
  • Drake (River): Inland, rivers and lakes.
  • Ecorche: Anywhere. There needs to be some powerful necromancers which create these.
  • Festrog: Haunt native ruins in great numbers.
  • Fey Creature: Somehow, fey animals seem to be particularly appropriate for this region. I need to work out some specific examples...
  • Flail Snail: Underground. Immigrant from Magrith.
  • Flumph: I have to put a few of those in there somewhere, warning the PCs about the great dangers... Likely an immigrant from Yethrod.
  • Ghorazagh: Underground. Also an immigrant from another planet.
  • Graveknight: One might be controlling the old native Fortress City - he or she might have been the local commander who contributed to its fall.
  • Guecubu: If the PCs have to pronounce the death penalty on someone in their colony, he might rise as this entity.
  • Herd Animal (Elk): Common in the Inland areas. Totem to the Inland tribes.
  • Hodag: Mythologically appropriate, will haunt the Inland.
  • Huecuva: There might be tribal equivalents.
  • Hungry Fog: Fits great with the scourge that devastated the ancestors of the Coastal tribes and will thus haunt Native ruins.
  • Kamadan: Both the normal and the Dusk and Polar varieties will exist Inland.
  • Leshy (All): While the original leshies were from Russian mythology, this interpretation of plant beings created via the infusion of spirits would work well with local spellcasters.
  • Myceloid: Underground.
  • Owl (Giant): Totem to the tribes. Will watch over certain forest regions.
  • Owl (Great Horned): Common in the forest regions.
  • Phantom Fungus: Underground. Immigrant from another planet.
  • Porcupine (Common and Giant): Common in the Inland areas.
  • Pukwudgie: None-too-infrequent danger to the tribes. May serve as villains in the first campaign arc.
  • Sasquatch: Inhabiting the forests throughout the region. Lone PCs should encounter these from time to time, though indirect encounters should be more common - the PCs should feel that they are frequently being watched.
  • Skunk (Common and Giant): Yes, the PCs will encounter these.
  • Spider (Giant Crab, Ogre): Inland, Underground.
  • Spider Eater: Desolation. Another immigrant from off-world.
  • Tupilak: Highly appropriate for native shamans - often of an evil one, considering what is usually used for its construction. The Coastal Tribes will have access to plenty of whalebone for this purpose.
  • Zuvembie: Anywhere. Might be a secret ritual of the native tribes.

To be continued...