Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dreaming Stars - A World Template

After I have randomly rolled up a sample world for my Dreaming Stars setting, it's time to put that world into a coherent form. To simplify the process for future occasions, I want create a template into which I can fill the details. Here is what I came up with (loosely basing it on the Talislanta region writeups):

[World Name]

[World Map]

[A short summary of the world]
[Geographical layout of the world - main continents etc.]

Flora and Fauna

[The main characteristics of the native ecosystems]

[Intelligent Species]

[The Species template - seen below - is repeated for each major intelligent species calling the planet home.]

Notable Creatures

[One or more example creatures calling this world home.]

The Species template looks like this:

[Species Name]

[Description of their appearance]


[How this subspecies of humanity/alien species came into being]


[Basic social structure]


[Strange behaviors the PCs can run afoul of - or play up to, if they are from that species]


[Who is in charge]


[What they believe in]


[The most common psionic ability among that species]

The Arts

[Major art styles produced by that culture.]


[How they defend themselves against attackers.]


[What they trade with]


[What they see as important in life.]

Places of Note

[The most important cities and other sites for that species.]

Is there anything important missing from this template?

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