Friday, October 18, 2013

[Dreaming Stars] A Sample World, Part 5

Continued from Part 4...
Now we come to the last content provided by the Random Nations generator...


The Height 611 event is Russia's most famous UFO incident, and it is notable among other things for the unusual metal fragments it left behind. Perhaps something also crashed into the mountain range where the headquarters of the church are located, likewise leaving behind strange fragments - and a short time afterwards, the first prophets of the new faith started preaching, claiming that they had been given visions by spirits who fled from the earlier universe which had fallen to Evil. What had crashed then was their interdimensional travel capsule, and fragments can still be found to this day.

Also a short time later the first incidents of madness among the otter people began to emerge (see the earlier comments on the "Grease Devils") - which also included bouts of manic laughter. Needless to say, this caused people to take the new faith more seriously.

Furthermore, perhaps these first prophets were hit by some of the splinters of the travel capsule, which gave them a direct link to those entities - tying in with the last random element.

Dominant Terrain

We have already established that islands and mountains are major terrain features in this world. "Rivers" is a new one, though. So let's say that while the rain shadow side of the vast mountain range produces the enormous desert where the Reptilians dwell, the other side has created a vast flood plain where mighty river systems frequently change course.

Famous Locations

And let's say that this flood plain is covered by old mounds akin to those of the Mississippi mount-builder culture (which produced the Angel Mounds). There were frequent attempts to settle the flood plain, since the region is tremendously fertile - but it is also prone to disappearances, like the Alaskan Bermuda Triangle, and in far too many cases the inhabitants vanished without a trace, leaving the mounds behind (ironically, the Native American inhabitants of the real world Alaskan Bermuda Triangle blame the appearances on the Kushtaka - our otter people...). These many lost "Roanoke Colonies" give the region a cursed reputation - but of course also make it of interest to adventurers searching for Lost Treasure and the like.

To be continued...

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