Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Star Wars Sandbox: The Kreetan Narrows, Part 4

Moving on through our lists of worlds in the Suolriep Sector, we get to the Saleucami System. Which actually has multiple Wookiepedia entries for its various planets, although most of them are onliners - I will just make a note that Casparer, in the second orbit from the sun, is an "aquatic" world, which means it has likely life of some kind. More noteworthy is the planet Saleucami itself - it's in the fourth orbit, yet still listed as "hot", possibly due to the widespread volcanism. Its entry is rather lengthy, due to appearances in both Revenge of the Sith and Clone Wars. It was first colonized by the Wroonians, but they were joined by Weequays, Grans, humans, Twi'leks and numerous other species. In pre-Republic times, it was one of the Outer Rim's most prosperous trading hubs. It saw some major orbital battles between the Republic and the Sith. In 67 BBY, a Force Prophet was active on the planet who predicted the Fall of the Republic and the Rise of the Empire until Darth Plagueis (Palpatine's Sith Master) visited the planet and murdered her in order to prevent further spoilers.

Then Saleucami became a member of the Techno Union shortly before the Battle of Naboo, which in turn caused it to become one of the most important worlds of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Likely, this world was one of the main reasons why the Empire annexed the regions, and the Imperial presence on the planet is undoubtedly strong to this day. Since the human population on this planet is so limited (only 6%), this is probably a good place for them to import some of their Iotrian patsies to "restore order" over all those unruly aliens so that the human colonialist elite can go about their business in peace. And this "business" is likely to be significant - with a population of 1.4 billion and a major manufacturing base, this world can contribute a lot to the Imperial war effort - if it can be tamed. The world probably doesn't produce anything truly critical - no TIE fighters or the like - but blaster rifles or all sorts of "ordinary" military supplies are still plenty useful.

But wait, there is more! Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, some of Jabba's holdings on the planet - including a secret communications outpost - were captured by the Zann Consortium! As one of the more militaristic crime syndicates, it's possible that Zann is the secret backer of the "vicious warlord" on Komnor, as outlined in my previous post. It is quite possible that the attack on Komnor was a feint against the Desilijic, which was then abandoned after Zann came to his agreement with Jabba soon after. As Zann also has a grudge against the Empire, his influence will certainly make the politics in the sector even more interesting...

Soderia is mentioned as having Soderians as a native (presumably sapient) species, and their major claim to fame is producing weftfabric, which is used in producing sails for sail barges. Nothing more is said about them, but I imagine some kind of spider humanoids to go with the "spinning" theme.

The planet Tefau has the Tefaun as a native species.

The Timja Suns are producing a strange radiation which affects people spending too much time in their light - including changing their skin to yellow.

The planet Yurb is home to the Razor-Tailed Tigers, who lived in the planet's Dust Pits region - another critter no nasty crime lord's private menagerie should be without, I am sure.

The Zarkis system is mentioned for having a black market where an Alliance team sought to purchase a "weapon of alien origin", so presumably it has a significant shadowport.

Apart from the 18 "main systems" of the Suolriep Sector, the sector also has two subsectors - which presumably have more than one star system, though only one is mentioned for each. The first is the Ansuroer sector, which contains the Reibrin system, where the planet Lijuter can be found - the homeworld of the Houk. The other one is the Iotran Expanse, run by the world of Iotra which we already identified as a source of disposable alien troops for the Empire.

To be continued...

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