Monday, November 18, 2013

[Urbis] Monsters of the Cold Frontier, Part II

Continued from Part I...

Let us continue with our examination how to fit the various Pathfinder monsters into the Cold Frontier campaign, this time using the Bestiary 2. Again, I am sorting the habitats of the creatures into the rough divisions of Coastal, Inland, Desolation, and Underground.

  • Akata: Very highly appropriate for the Desolation, where some of their cocoons may survive, waiting to be released by an unlucky human.
  • Amoeba (Giant, Swarm): Underground.
  • Aranea: Inland.  While the Cold Frontier is far away from their usual tropical homes, a small colony of these beings might hide in the northern forests. One of them might even live in the colony itself, to learn more about the strangers' magics and who might become a mentor to a PC mage. One has to wonder about their ability to adapt to the form of a single humanoid being - perhaps they evolved it to better fit into their respective environments, and other forms than humanoid are possible, though unlikely in this world as having a humanoid form is just too useful. They might come from the planet Magrith.
  • Atach: Inland. May be the result of First City experimentation.
  • Aurumvorax: Inland, Underground. Will be found at sites which are suitable for mines.
  • Badger (Common, Dire): Inland. One tribe may have trained some dire badgers as village defenders.
  • Bat (Mobat): Anywhere.
  • Bat (Skaveling): Underground, Desolation. Might feature in the myths of the inland tribes.
  • Beetle (Slicer): Inland, Desolation.
  • Blindhelm: Underground. Possibly immigrants from Yethrod.
  • Blink Dog: Inland. Will feature in the mythology of the tribes.
  • Carnovirous Blob: Desolation. May be found in First City or Prehuman ruins.
  • Catoblepas: Inland. There should only be one in the region.
  • Centipede (Giant Whiptail, Titan): Desolation, Underground.
  • Charda: Coastal, Underground.
  • Cockroach (Giant, Swarm): Desolation.
  • Crypt Thing: May be guarding specific ruins.
  • Decampus: Inland, Underground. Likely common in the coastal forests, and I should probably emphasize its links to the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. Also note that like with the Kraken, 10 tentacles = bad.
  • Destrachan: Underground, Desolation. An immigrant from Yethrod, and in my personal canon they are this irritable because the air pressure of the world they are finding themselves on is so low.
  • Devilfish: Coastal. Another evil octopus, but with seven tentacles instead of eight!
  • Dragonfly (Giant): Inland, Desolation.
  • Faceless Stalker: Inland. Likely feature as prominent bogeymen in tribal legends. Might have its own local culture, based out of one of the swamps.
  • Fetchling: A First City colony might have been transported to the Plane of Shadows and turned their inhabitants into this, and now they have found a way back.
  • Frost Worm: Desolation.
  • Fungal Crawler: Underground. Immigrant from Yethrod.
  • Giant (Marsh): On the map, the only suitable swamps are Inland, but perhaps they migrate to the sea annually to mate with the "abominations from the deepest sea".
  • Grick: Underground. Immigrant from the planet Calturus.
  • Gryph: Inland, especially in remote and filthy regions of the coastal forests.
  • Hangman Tree: Inland. Darkest areas of the coastal tribes.
  • Howler: Desolation.
  • Krenshar: Inland.
  • Leucrotta: Inland.
  • Moonflower: Desolation. May be an immigrant from Magrith.
  • Mosquito (Swarm): Inland. Hey, this is the northern tundra!
  • Mothman: Inland. Known as a harbinger of ill omen to the tribes. Their appearances have been more common as of late.
  • Mu Spore: Desolation. Immigrant from Magrith.
  • Neh-Thalaggu: Desolation. Unknown origin.
  • Phycomid: Underground.
  • Quickwood: Another plant monster that might lurk in the Inland forests.
  • Reefclaw: Coastal.
  • Seugathi: Desolation, Underground.
  • Shining Child: May appear later in the campaign, though I haven't worked out the reasons yet.
  • Skulk: Anywhere. Bogeymen to the tribes. Intelligent race that might be a full-fledged faction in its own right.
  • Slime Mold: Inland, especially in the coastal forests.
  • Slithering Tracker: Ruins, Underground.
  • Slurk: Underground.
  • Tendriculos: Inland. There is likely a site or two in the coastal forests generating those.
  • Tentamort: Inland, Underground. Immigrant from Yethrod.
  • Thoqqua: Volcanoes.
  • Thunderbird: Inland. Likely a totem animal to the tribes.
  • Totenmaske: Everywhere. Bogeyman to the tribes, though likely called something else.
  • Twigjack: Inland, likely in the coastal forests - and the first fey creature I feel fits into the region.
  • Vampiric Mist: Inland, likely in places where ruins can be found.
  • Vemerak: Underground, Desolation.
  • Water Orm: Inland. And I really need to put a lake on the map somewhere...
  • Wendigo: Inland, Desolation. Highly appropriate, and likely the leader of a cannibal cult or two among the inland tribes and sapient monsters.
  • Whale (Common, Great White): Coastal.
  • Winterwight: Desolation.
  • Worm That Walks: There is likely one or two of these entities haunting the coastal forest areas who once was a native shaman. May not necessarily be hostile and willing to negotiate with spellcasters willing to deal with it for new magics. There are stories about these beings among the coastal tribes, as well as tales of a drunk trapper who swore that he saw something like this, once.
  • Xtabay: Inland, Desolation.
  • Yrthak: Inland, Desolation. Immigrant from Yagrith.

To be continued...

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