Thursday, March 26, 2015

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - Cold Road, Old Native Tombs, and First City Mansion

Winding up from the Canyon of Faces there is a small road bounded by irregular stone markers moving towards the East. While traveling along the road the air always seems colder than in the surrounding area, and after a while travelers will start to feel hungry. During the Old Native civilization, this road was dedicated to protective spirits, but the worshipers of Wendigo have worked to pervert their blessings, and this road - as well as several others like it across the continent - is now dedicated to that entity. When a group of Wendigo worshipers stands on one of these "Cold Roads" during the dark of night while the moon is below the horizon and make a properly dedicated human sacrifice, Wendigo will transport the entire group through the air and to any other Cold Road of their choosing. This can transport an entire tribe to a distant location, and the Elk Tribe occasionally makes use of this.

West of the Spire City Ruins, the Old Natives carved tombs of their most honored chieftains into the cliffside and buried them with some of their greatest treasures. However, the Great Darkness warped their lingering spirits and turned them into animate mummies who will attack any trespassers.

On the southern side of one of the hills overlooking the swamps to the south, ruins of a large mansion and several smaller outlying buildings can be found. This used to be one of the retreats of the First City governor of Nardhome, and later became a meeting ground for shamans of the Old Native civilization. When the Great Darkness arrived, several of them were caught by surprise here, and their ghosts still stalk these halls at night. Even during the day, the mansion is dangerous, as a multitude of giant centipedes of all sizes lurk in the corners.

And with this, the first map is complete!

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