Saturday, July 5, 2014

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - Cave Fisher Cave, Fog Island, Ancient Dig, and Elder Apluachra

On this island, there is a cave whose entrance is readily accessible only during low tide. Two cave fishers lair here, and they will attempt to make a meal of any intruders. Further in, almost entirely covered by detritus and barnacles, the explorers can find a set of lightweight yet tough armor, which carries enchantments which allow the wearer to breathe water and freely move underwater for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, it was made for and by the alien xill, who had a rather different body structure than humanoids (not to mention six limbs)

This island receives especially heavy precipitation from the prevailing west winds. Appropriately enough, a mist drake lairs here. It will leave human intruders alone if first appeased with sufficient amounts of meat left on the shorelines. Near the center of the island there is a small cave looking north across the mists. This cave is occasionally visited by local shamans (as evidenced by the numerous native symbols painted on the walls) for divinations. The evening light shining on the mists is said to reveal visions of the past, while the morning light will reveal visions of the future.

In this flat grasslands area, one of the few noticeable locations is a small lake, perhaps 50 by 25 yards wide, and a small hill next to it. Anyone with knowledge in geology will quickly determine that this lake is artificial - and indeed, a long time ago it was an archaeological dig excavated by the First City colonists who had found an old Mothman fortification. Numerous Mothman body parts crystallized by Xill weaponry can be found here - as well as a few fragments of Xill killed by friendly fire, if the explorers excavate the area thoroughly. The First City archaeologists used an impressive-looking metal golem sculpted in their peculiar style to help with this excavation. Its left arm ends in a drill, while its right arm ends in five flexible yet strong digits which it used for picking up samples. It has further been enchanted to exert little pressure on the ground (preventing it from crushing interesting objects below its feet and incidentally allowing it to climb steep or slippery slopes). Its golden glowing eyes are capable of detecting "magical anomalies", which it is currently ordered to retrieve and store in a (no longer existing) storage areas. PCs who qualify as "magical anomalies" or who carry equipment which does might misinterpret its approach, even though its currently active order is helpfully displayed in First City letters on its forehead. This displayed order might change if a different priority surfaces, such as defending itself against attack.

At one point, the river has formed a small basin. In it, a whirlpool will form much of the time. This is actually an elder apluachra, kin to those further downriver, which has become so large and bloated that it has simply allowed itself to sink to the river bed and simply devouring any fish and other animals coming this way by forming the whirlpool.

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