Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[Urbis] Locations of the Cold Frontier - Sovereign Crab Fossils and Plague Pits

South of the Fungal Gardens, a number of low, roughly shield-shaped hills break through the otherwise flat grasslands. These hills are up to 50 yards in diameter and have fairly steep edges but flat tops. If one were to remove the topsoil, it would be possible to discover that these are in fact fossils of massive crabs, similar to the fossilized megafauna currently excavated at Falkhofen. Turning them into gargantuan fossil golems would be difficult, but not impossible.

In the vast conflict that ultimately destroyed the First City colony of Nardhome, multiple artificial plagues were deliberately released to weaken the defenders, and in some places these plagues still linger. One of these is a swamp area west of the inland volcano, where a virulent zombie virus still lingers. Given its origin as a bioweapon, the virus only affects humanoids, turning them into plague zombies if they are not treated. The locals know enough to stay away, and to shoot zombies from a long way off, but explorers might be less prepared. Draining the swamp might lead to the discovery of First City artifacts still remaining here, though it will also threaten to spread the zombie virus over a larger area.

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