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Doomed Slayers

The World is hanging by a thread…

Everywhere, the monsters lurk. They breed in the forests, the swamps, the mountains. They are shaped from desecrated forces, or summoned from other worlds. Some of them form vast hordes that consume everything in their path, while others are so powerful that they can lay waste to whole cities all by themselves.

To survive, civilization needs defenders. And when the armies of the nobles are too slow, too defensive, and too untrained to rise to the occasion, and when the prayers of the priests are not enough, the Doomed Slayers answer the call. Roving adventurers, they strike deep into the monsters’ lairs and take out the threat - or die trying. Their rewards for this terrifying duty are the unparalleled freedoms which set them apart - and the fantastic plunder retrieved from the lairs.

Doomed Slayers, 2nd Edition investigates how these heroic adventurers choose to embark on their perilous profession, how they interact with each other and the world around them, and what unique duties and privileges set them apart. A sample setting showcases how Slayers live and operate in different regions and cultures.

Doomed Slayers is compatible with most generic fantasy role-playing systems.

Reviews for the 1st Edition: